Tire Changes and Replacements in Pasadena, TX

The tires on your tractor, forklift or trailer are different than what you’d find at most new and used tire shops. But at Tex-Mex Tire Services, we specialize exclusively in heavy equipment tires! We’re the authority on tires services—from sales to repairs and beyond. We bring smart tire solutions directly to you, whether it’s at your warehouse or along the side of the road somewhere!

  • Mobile Tire Service

    We know it’s not easy to throw your tractor on a flatbed to bring it in for tire repair service. That’s why we’re mobile and can come to you! We serve the diverse tire repair needs of customers—from big rigs on the roadside, to tractors and trailers at the jobsite, to forklifts and skyjacks in your warehouse. Our focus on heavy equipment means we always come prepared to handle your site repair and installation needs.

  • New and Used Tires

    We stock a wide selection of new and used tires in all sizes and tread styles, for a full range of heavy equipment. Whether you want to replace what you have, upgrade or need a comparable tire for replacement, we’ll help you figure out your needs. Our experts know a thing or two about tires and will always recommend the best product for the job.

  • Towing and Roadside Assistance

    The road can be unforgiving at times. If you’re stuck roadside with a blowout, flat, dead batter or some other issue, give us a call. We travel throughout Pasadena, Houston, South Houston, and Deer Park, TX for emergency roadside service, providing tire repair and changeouts, auto unlocking, mobile battery jumping and more. If we can’t fix it roadside, we’ll tow you to a nearby destination that can fix your issue. We’re a licensed towing operator with the right equipment to tow just about anything.

  • Forklift Maintenance

    Depending on the type of forklift you operate and the frequency in which you rely on it, forklift maintenance can range from every 90 days to once or twice each year. Our techs go to work performing a full battery of maintenance services, including service for the battery, tires and other essential parts. We also offer rubber track replacements and repairs for other general equipment.

The Authority on all Things Tires

When there’s a problem with your tires, trust the experts. Tex-Mex Tire Services provides complete heavy equipment tires and services, to ensure your equipment is up and running on reliable tires. Reach us today at 713-944-0578 for more information about the products we sell or the services we offer.

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